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Give your health a boost!

We support people’s health the very best it can be. So they will enjoy life in the fullest. COBALA provides the highest quality of personal care packages tailored to the individual needs: recommendations in lifestyle, food and supplements that give your health a boost. All based upon the power of nature. Simple, honest and effective.

COBALA believes all is connected, that is why for every service you purchase at COBALA we donate some of our profits for scientific research and to realize a positive impact in the life of disabled children in India.



Our Services

We offer services for companies, healthcare organisations and private people.


Improve the health, energy and happiness of your employees.  Would you like to create an organization with healthy and creative employees with a remarkable innovative power and excellent performance? Various research articles have shown that, when people are more healthy they are more happy, more creative, more alert, communicate better and perform better.

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Healthcare Organizations

Would you like to improve the quality of care for affordable prices? The number of people facing chronic diseases are increasing each year. Every three minutes, worldwide a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer. Chronic diseases are the number 1 cause of death. In the Netherlands healthcare is volume driven. The costs of healthcare are becoming too high. We are convinced it is realistic to transform healthcare to high quality of care for affordable prices.

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Private persons

Would you like to live long and healthy, able to participate actively in society? Or would you like a positive impact in your life with a chronic illness or unexplainable complaints and create a way for your optimal health? The services we offer are both for preventive aid and for supportive aid for people with illnesses or unexplainable complaints to empower the healing possibilities of the body. 

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Quality of our services

The impact on the quality of life is rated EXCELLENT bij 85% and GOOD by 15% of our clients.

COBALA Good Care Feels Better is a value-driven organization. It is important that through our service a positive impact on customer’s life, performance and a sustainable and healthy society is achieved. Through questionnaires before, during and after termination of service we monitor the quality and impact the customer experiences. So we can monitor the progress with the client. Observations and remarks we use to improve our service.

One of our customers wrote:

“COBALA Good Care Feels Better is distinctive by the personal attention, a different approach to solving the problem and is able to oversee the entire pallet."

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