Would you like to receive well proven information and insights on what is influencing your health?

When you have more knowledge you will gain insights and learn what is influencing your health.

Our health is influenced on the mental, physical, emotional, ecological, social and spiritual level. In our modern world we are influenced on a daily base by the commercial media about food. The information might be overwhelming, being too much, contradictory and sometimes incomplete. it might be difficult for you to choose what is wright and wrong for your personal health. Furthermore it is important to realize that information given might be influenced from a commercial point of view.

We are an independent organisation that offers you the best information we know on scientific research that is influencing our health and the environment. We look from the perspective of the mind and body and environment. In our perspective all is related and interdependent.

We offer:

  • Presentation for groups  

  • Writing columns or articles for magazines and newsletters

  • Participation in panel discussions

  • Participation in expert groups for policy making

  • Speaker at national and international conferences

  • Partner in scientific research

  • Writing books or chapters for books

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