Risk management and social impact of chronic diseases

The average costs for an employee suffering from a burnout are approximately € 60,000 per per sick employee. This calculation does not take into account the replacement of the employee and the supervision of the reintegration of the sick employee. In many organizations, the sick employee is not replaced, as a result of which the workload among the other team members increases. This increases the risk of absenteeism among the other team members. The costs of absenteeism are higher as the salary of the sick employee is higher.

Healthcare costs can vary from € 500,= - €2500,=/year depending on the use of a general practitioner, specialists and or therapies such as physiotherapy, psychology and medication,. When more expensive screenings are needed, costs will be much higher. Treatments of a burnout are not covered by an insurance company in The Netherlands. The person needs to pay the treatment himself or the employer needs to cover this. Many pain killers are paid privately. During the guidance of COBALA we noticed that the use of medicine is reduced.

Improving the health of a person has of a big social impact on family, friends and society. Being able to participate at work means to be part of and to be of value again. And there are fewer social costs which mean that more resources are being released in society for a transformation to innovation for sustainability.

20 years of experience

Mrs Carla Peeters, Ph.D., MSc, RVI has 20 years of experience in successfully guiding transformations of people and organisations towards a healthier future. Through her broad and in-depth knowledge and experience she has developed a refined way of successfully supervising transformations, through the right intervention at the right time at the personal and organisational level.

The analyses of COBALA are thorough and of high quality, so that plans of action are drawn up and realized with expertise to successfully support entrepreneurs in optimum performance with healthy employees. The ROI of the COBALA guidance is high.

Our dream is that more people can stay healthy and successful at work and together want to contribute to a healthier world.


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