Create a positive impact on your health

Would you like to live long and healthy, able to participate actively in society? Or would you like a positive impact in your life with a chronic illness or unexplainable complaints and create a way for your optimal health? 

Although Western medicine has brought many positive benefits for human health, up to now Westren medicine  has not been able to find ways to cure most of the chronic diseases and unexplainable complaints with Western medicine only. Both groups of patients are increasing each year.

The past years WHO and in several countries (as US, Germany, Switzerland, France and other countries) the importance of food and lifestyle and benefits of other complementary and alternative medicine on human health is recognized. A transformation process is started to integrate various medicine systems into Modern Western Medicine resulting in integrative medicine. Recently research on personalized medicine is started in the West. In the medical systems of India and China a personalized approach has been there for thousands of years. Also ancient knowledge on the effects of food and lifestyle is present in those cultures.

The services we offer are both for preventive aid and for supportive aid for people with illnesses or unexplainable complaints to empower the healing possibilities of the body. In our vision each person is different on the mental, physical, ecological, spiritual, social and economic level. We recognize that a Personalized Integrative Care® system covering all 6 areas creates  most awareness for positive effects on human health. At COBALA we think and act from this point of view. We listen carefully with real attendance to the stories of our clients. Clients are treated as equal partners in the decision making process how to find a way with a positive impact on their lives. We search for solutions as long as needed and are able to  create unexpected connections for the best of your health.


Experiences from private clients:

Parents, young female 14 years of age
“We were on the wrong track to cure our child. When she started guidance at COBALA our child could only attend limited lessons at school. Social contacts and sporting activities were stopped. Within 9 months our child is reborn, thanks to the good care and kind attention of Carla Peeters. Carla’s advises and loving encounters brought us back on track. Very grateful that we had the opportunity to meet Carla Peeters”.

Women consultant 36 years of age
“By the professional guidance of COBALA my health is improving after 7 years of being disabled. Where regular medicine looked at various symptoms in isolation is Carla Peeters an expert in connecting symptoms of body and mind from a holistic point of view with the right approach. This was a huge difference with previous experiences”.

We offer you:

  • Screening of your health status as a guidance for healthy ageing;

  • Improve your health and performance with personalized food and lifestyle;

  • Advice on the combination of healthcare providers to create optimal health;

  • Advice and completion of your health history to create your own data file; collect data;

  • Assistance in interaction with doctors and therapists and the interpretation of data;

More information?

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