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Fourth International Ayurveda Congress 1-2 September 2018 Leiden

Dr. Carla Peeters gave a presentation during the congress about the vision and results of COBALA with the title "The future of medicine is personalized and nutrition based". The knowledge from traditional medicine can be of importance for the prevention and recovery of diseases in today's society in which we are confronted with a sharp increase in chronic diseases, as a result of which people are only partially or no longer able to participate in the labor process. During the congress special attention was paid to the interest from the Netherlands in medicinal plants from South India since the 17th century. COBALA integrates traditional wisdoms in modern medicine in an innovative way. The unique approach to Personalized Integrative Care® has led to the recovery of complaints for many people over the past 3 years. Dr Peeters participated in a strategic discussion with professors, medical staff and representatives from the ministry and WHO.

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DGV Congress 22 May 2018

On 22 May, COBALA Good Care Feels Better was invited to take part in the innovation market of the Diagnosis, Nutrition & Health congress "Innovating together for a more vital Netherlands". Meeting, dialogue and inspiration were the main focus during this well attended congress with more than 350 participants. Speakers at the congress included Princess Laurentien, Paul Blokhuis, Wiebe Drayer, Hein Schumacher and Mariette Hamer. Participants came from business, government and healthcare.

During the innovation market, Dr Carla Peeters gave an explanation of COBALA's Personalized Integrative Care approach. In recent years the guidance of COBALA led to higher vitality and greater participation in the labour process in pilots with employees in long-term and frequent absence. Preventive good results are also achieved, to prevent burnout, insomnia, stress etc. COBALA's method is simply effective and sustainable. The approach has a great impact on society and economy.

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COBALA Good Care Feels Better integrates sustainability into working environment

Since February 1st 2018, COBALA Good Care Feels Better is housed in a beautifully circularly arranged old railway warehouse of the Utrecht Community for sustainable pioneers.

COBALA, from its mission to contribute to a healthier world, has chosen a housing with a healthy working climate. Because of the possibility of co-creation with other entrepreneurs, we can increase our contribution to the 17 themes of the Global Goals.

The Utrecht Community (UCo) is a sustainable community with 1,800m2 of workspace, workshop space and consultation space in an energy neutral monument. Around 150 entrepreneurs from various disciplines work on inspiring and progressive sustainable projects in the building. The entrepreneurs can also collectively tackle various issues as a team under the name UCo.

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