Disclaimer www.goodcarefeelsbetter.com

1. Definitions:

In this disclaimer, you will find the following definitions:

  • COBALA: COBALA Goodcarefeelsbetter is a trading name of Carla Peeters. COBALA is and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”) under No. 30,152,734.
  • SERVICES: the complete and personalized services for companies, healthcare organisations and private persons on healthy ageing. The positive impact of prevention and personalized integrative care are intended for healthy ageing, improved performance and economic revenue, better quality of care for affordable prices and better quality of lives and happiness.
  • CONTENT: this includes texts, images and other objects.
  • WEBSITE: COBALA hereby grants you access to www.goodcarefeelsbetter.com (the “Website”) and publishes texts, images and other materials and also provides services here.

2. Seasonality disclaimer

By visiting this Website and / or use the information on this website, you consent to the applicability of this disclaimer, and you are therefore bound by its contents. The services offered on the Website are intended for general and noncommittal information. No rights can be derived from the information on the Website. The information on this Website does not constitute an offer to conclude concrete agreements. Concluding agreements with COBALA are done only by accepting an offer on one of the services sent by COBALA.

3. Changes

COBALA reserves the right that the content of the Website and the services offered, texts, images and other materials on the Website at all times are subject to change without notice. Also, the Website can be terminated without notice. COBALA makes every effort to update the content of the Website regularly and / or the Website add supplements if necessary.

4. Liability

Despite attempted care and efforts the possibility can occur that the content on the Website is incorrect or incomplete. COBALA is not liable for the consequences of the changes and / or termination of the Website. The services offered by COBALA on its Website are without any warranty or claim to accuracy and / or completeness. The prices for the services offered are subject to possible typographical errors.
COBALA makes no warranty that the Website will operate without error or that the Website will be uninterrupted or undisturbed accessible.

5. Copyright

COBOLA retains all intellectual property rights of used texts, images, graphics and logos. It is therefore not permitted to copy this intellectual property, download or publish in any other way and / or distribute without prior consent.

6. Third Party Information, Products and Services

If links to other websites are located on the Website, this will not mean that on or through these sites offered products or services are recommended by COBALA. COBALA accepts no liability and / or responsibility for these third party sites. The use of these links is at your own risk, as the information on these websites is not subject to further monitoring by COBALA accuracy, reasonableness, timeliness, or completeness.

7. Applicable law

The Website and disclaimer are governed by Dutch law.