News 2019

We need female leaders in healthcare for better health outcomes”

Nowadays men are holding 75 % of senior roles in global health. However, women  are 70 % of nowadays health and social care workers. In earlier days women played a vital leadership role in their communities as carers and healers. Unfortunately. women lost position when medicine became formalized. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Director-General WHO states in the WHO newsletter of December 12 2019 “We need women to lead health systems and have an equal voice in shaping them” Our health outcomes are poorer because we are losing the perspectives of the women who run health systems, from both design and delivery. 

If Universal Health Coverage  (UHC) is to keep the promise of reaching everyone, diverse perspectives and diverse leadership is needed to reflect the populations we serve. It calls for gender transformative policies and measures to achieve UHC. During the UN High level Meeting on UHC all heads of States and Government agreed unanimously that this change should happen.

 Delivered by Women, Led by Men 

Keeping the promise to the women who will deliver universal health coverage WHO int 12 december 2019