The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation in a Collapsing Health System

In an increasing number of countries all over the world chaos and despair are rising. People are more frequently ill and dying at higher rates than in the past 50 years. At the same time, health systems are deteriorating. We need to rethink the humanness of health systems versus cold technological solutions.    More than […]


Wearing a Mask During Indoor Exercise Can Be Fatal

Wearing a Mask During Indoor Exercise Can Be Fatal Published at The Brownstone Institute 10 June 2022 A recent article from the Technical University of Munich published in PNAS reached national newspapers in several countries worldwide. The team showed that aerosol emissions increase exponentially with intense physical exertion, indicating that indoor sporting activities result in higher risk of infectious diseases as […]

Diseased liver hepatitis

The Rise of Hepatitis

The Rise of Hepatitis Published at the Brownstone Institute 23 May 2022 Also published at The Epoch Times The number of previously healthy children younger than 16 years of age with mysterious hepatitis cases have doubled in two weeks to 450 cases worldwide, including 11 deaths. Most cases have been reported in the UK (160) […]


The Health Risks of Graphene

The Health Risks of Graphene During the pandemic a widespread use of nanoparticles has been employed for diagnostics, personal protection equipment, prevention, and treatments of diseases. The use of nanoparticles in biomedicine is expected to increase further due to a desire for real-time human health monitoring as seamless human/machine interaction.  The most booming nanoparticles that may rule […]

have the children been poisoned

Have the Children Been Poisoned? 

Have the Children Been Poisoned?  Increased exposure to toxic substances due to an overuse of ineffective measures like mask mandates, frequent use of hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, and frequent testing during the pandemic will have a short- and long-term impact on children’s health and future generations.  Moreover, ineffective lockdowns increased the number of children relying on food […]

The Biggest Public Health Threat Is Not a Virus but a Weakened Immune System

The Biggest Public Health Threat Is Not a Virus but a Weakened Immune System A growing list of scientific studies have now shown that immunity following natural infection provides durable protection often far better than immunity following Covid-19 vaccination. Several governments focus on mandated vaccination. However natural immunity and a strong immune system are what […]