Improve the health, energy and happiness of your employees

Would you like to create an organization with healthy and creative employees with a remarkable innovative power and excellent performance?

Nowadays for many business leaders it is challenging to keep up the economic performance of companies. Innovation, quality and strategic cooperation’s are high on the agenda. To be surrounded by alert and creative people is most important to be able to take the right decision and to find solutions. Excellent Innovation, High Quality and Strategic Cooperation are all influenced by a good health and balanced life of your employees. Various research articles have shown that, when people are more healthy they are more happy, more creative, more alert, communicate better and perform better.
To create a healthy organization has many advantages.


COBALA has build up a succesfull client list of organisations in the following segments:

  • Family businesses, SMEs and multinationals
  • Retail
  • Technical engineering firms
  • Business services, consultancy, legal profession
  • Insurance company
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Catering, hospitality

We offer services to assist you with:

  • A quick scan on the health status of your employees;

  • An intensive screening of the health status of your employees with a guidance for healthy ageing; 

  • A personalized food and lifestyle plan for employees;

  • Presentations at your company with up to date news of healthy food and lifestyle;

  • Articles in your newsletter with tips how to create more energy and alertness;

  • Advice for healthy food and surroundings in organizations;

  • The economic valuation of better performance due to positive impacts on health improvements of your employees;

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