Every customer is important to us. Our customer base is diverse and growing. We will gladly put you in touch with any of the companies that we have been able to assist at a Simple, Effective and Sustainable manner in raising the resilience; Healthier, Happier, more Creative and Bolder.

dr. Carla Peeters

I am still very happy that I came into contact with Carla Peeters two years ago. She coaches
me in a distinctive, passionate and professional way in the following areas: nutrition,
lifestyle, health, and career. My overall health, energy level, state of mind and work have
undeniably improved under her inspiring guidance. She is extremely reliable and highly

Lawyer, partner

I am grateful for the mental/emotional/physical resilience you’ve helped me to achieve so that I can cope successfully with all that is going on in my life at the moment.

Consultant Business Development

Thank you for the more than excellent guidance.

Director Financial Services

Cobala offers high-quality support in preventing long-term illness of employees. The program is based on only natural support where the personal resilience of the individual is central. The high level of expertise makes the program effective and has resulted in our organization in the absence of long-term illness. This is not only beautiful for the organization but especially for the individual.

Director/owner organisation for project and interim-management

Carla Peeters of COBALA has coached some of our employees with diverse backgrounds and illnesses in a very professional, involved and above all friendly way and made them aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

During her guidance, the health, resilience and mood of our employees have improved. After long periods of regular absence due to illness, they have not been absent during the counselling period.

The in-depth knowledge about diagnostics, personalized nutrition and lifestyle, additional interventions, a full sincere attention to the individual and the coaching skills of Carla Peeters have been extremely important for the result of the coaching process by COBALA. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend COBALA.

HR manager Retail/Sales

It's so nice to work with Carla Peeters from COBALA, the passion, knowledge and dedication radiate from it. Meanwhile, running multiple trajectories through our relationships and results are amazingly good. The holistic approach works.

Specialist Sustainable Employability Insurance Company

Thanks to the professional guidance of COBALA, our employee is able to work again with a lot of energy and resilience from a Burn-Out situation.

General director consultancy and project management

Under the sound and extremely detailed guidance of Carla Peeters / COBALA, my overall health, energy and state of mind have improved significantly. My young children are also accompanied by her and are in better balance and are in their own right. After a temporary impasse in the field, I have the energy to pick things up again and decided to start for myself.

Former female director EU international company

“ COBALA guided me to a better sleep, higher energy, more alertness and sharpness in thinking. This is of enormous value in my job to perform each day at a high level”

Partner, consultant

“ The Master Your Health program of COBALA is a personalised and tailor made approach to health. It prevented a burnout for me. I could start a challenging new opportunity”

Director company

“ My chronic pain disappeared. Energy and concentration increased tremendously. I am more productive, creative and can enjoy sports and social life again”

Entrepeneur ICT and marketing

“ COBALA supported to overcome my severe tiredness. loosing control and feeling depressed. Now I participate in work without using any medicine. Looking forward to a healthy and happy future”

Health professional

“ Professional and personalised approach with amazing results”

CEO company

“ Great knowledge at micro- and macro level of healthcare. Experienced how to use this effectively, placing people at the center”

Medical doctor

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