Improve the quality of care in your organization

Would you like to create a health care organisation with healthy and happy employees and simple effective processes that results in high quality of care for affordable prices?

Nowadays, chronic diseases are the number one cause of death. Furthermore, a number of threatening problems is reaching us i.e; the increase in the development of antibiotic resistance, the number of people dying from antibiotic treatments, expensive medicine which are affordable for the treatment of a number of people only and an increase in side effects of  medicine. A yearly 2-3 % rise in treatments costs which is unexplainable is noticed. A scientific paper in US reported a 2 % of over treatments with, as a result, a negative impact on many people’s lives. We just start to learn about the enormous influences of changes in the food chain that has been made in the past decades that affect our health on a daily base. Therefore, it is highly needed to look in other ways to create a value based health care system for the patient, community,  ecosystem and from an economic point of view. We are convinced it is realistic to transform healthcare to high quality of care for affordable prices.

  • To switch from a volume driven company to  a quality driven care company (Outcome monitoring);

  • To select optimal datasets for cost effectiveness; 

  • To initiate pilots to improve healthcare;

  • To write policy papers and scientific articles;

  • To use the knowledge  of Hippocrates " Let food be thy medicine and medicine shall be thy food" effectively;

  • To offer Personalized integrative Care.

We offer:

  • A scan of the processes of your organization on quality of care of specific treatments and organization in total;

  • Improving dialogue of healthcare professionals with patients;

  • Effective cooperation of multidisciplinary teams;

  • Effective interventions in the care chain for chronic diseases;

  • To decrease unnecessary treatments and over use of medicine;

  • A quick scan of the vitality and energy of  employees;

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