About Carla Peeters

carla-peeters-cobala-400x600Carla Peeters is founder and managing director of COBALA Good Care Feels Better®.

She obtained a PhD in Immunology from the Medical Faculty of Utrecht, studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University and Research, and followed a 4-year course in Higher Nature Scientific Education with a specialization in medical laboratory diagnostics and research. She studied at various business schools including London Business School, INSEAD and Nyenrode Business School.

She worked as an immunologist on vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases and was 15 years change manager for transformations and transitions to resilient organizations.

Carla Peeters was director of several healthcare organizations. The red line in her career is prevention and recovery of people and organizations so that everyone can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.

From 2015, she will follow training courses and conferences on topics such as personal nutrition and lifestyle, diagnostics, epigenetics, ethics, and stress management. She is repeatedly asked as a speaker, author, and independent expert at home and abroad for COVID-19.

From 2016 Dr.ir. Carla Peeters is reviewer. Her publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals can be found on Researchgate and partly on this website. Scientific publications from COBALA Good Care Feels Better® are in preparation.

For more information about her background we would like to refer you to her profile on LinkedIn.


She started COBALA from the vision that body and mind are connected to each other and to the environment as one ecosystem. The sharp rise in chronic diseases and the influx of people with disabilities inspired a different view of complaints that can degenerate into illnesses. Responding to the plasticity of nature and the human body, we developed an innovative working method: Personalised Integrative Care®. A simple and effective method to support the body naturally towards recovery with the right intervention at the right time. The program is a guidance program for personal leadership with nutrition, lifestyle and meaning tailored to the body and situation to a resilient body with a strong immune system. COBALA Good Care Feels Better® integrates the latest scientific insights into its working method. Carla Peeters collaborates with leading scientists at home and abroad.

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