Why Mask Mandates Should be Repealed Immediately

During the past 18 months, masks have been mandated worldwide as a major tool to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Sweden is one of the few countries that wisely did not introduce the wearing of masks in a broader sense. At the start of the pandemic when there was not yet much information on the virus available, Sweden asked community members to wear masks during rush hours in public transport. This was a temporary solution and removed at the time a large proportion of vulnerable people was vaccinated.

The statement of Swedish policy advisor professor Anders Tegnell was clear: the wearing of non-medical masks to prevent viral transmission has never been used successfully and science has not yet proved the opposite. The wearing of masks by healthy people in public surroundings might even backfire. The viral spread could become worse. Effectiveness and safe use of non-medical masks in both indoor and outdoor settings is debated by many scientists.

A false sense of security could be a major risk. During the pandemic Dr Fauci and WHO experts changed their policies frequently from no beneficial effect for wearing masks by the general public (interim report WHO 5 June 2020, to a mandate, wearing two masks, wearing masks for children from the age of five or even two years and even wearing masks outdoors.

Politicians argue that wearing masks will help to respect other measures like 1.5 meter distancing, frequent hand washing, working from home and adjusting to a stay-at-home policy. However, positive effects of the behavioral aim of masks are flawed and have not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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