Your health matters, your presence counts!

COBALA developed unique programs to increase personal resilience significantly in a period of 6 months. As a result you will be healthier, happier and more productive in your professional and private life. For organisations it results in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.



Why your personal resilience is so important

The number of people in Western society who will say “ I have lost myself”  is increasing each year. They are confronted with symptoms like depression, chronic pain, unexplainable complaints, insomnia and often too tired to enjoy life.  Their resilience is lost.  At COBALA we have developed a unique program  to find your energy and  resilience back. For you and your family to enjoy life to the fullest.


How resilience solves organisational absenteeism

Nowadays 30 % of the people younger than 40 years of age are diagnosed with one of the known chronic diseases. Becoming older the number of people with chronic diseases expands. The risk for presenteeism and absenteeism in organisations is growing each year. At COBALA we developed a unique approach to guide people and organisations to a more healthy, productive and innovative company.


The COBALA Method | Increasing Resilience

COBALA developed tailor made services to improve resilience significantly in a period of 6 months. Our services are using modern medicine and traditional knowledge to achieve great results. 

We use various stages in our approach:

  1. Pre-scan

  2. Biometric analysis

  3. Data Analysis

  4. Your Personal or Organisational Plan

  5. Personal Guidance & Support

  6. E-health

✓ Master Your Health program to give your health a boost
✓ Tailor made preventive programs to increase workability of your employees
✓ Master Your Health program for long term and frequently ill employees
✓ Re-integration at work
✓ Independent check of absenteeism
✓ Workshops, presentations, opinion papers
✓ Tailor made preventive programs to increase workability of your employees and decreasing presenteeism and absenteeism
✓ Master Your Health program for long term and frequently ill employees
✓ Re-integration at work for people judged as being unable to work

We do not fight symptoms, we find the cause

We started COBALA to overcome the expanding problems in keeping your health optimal in a fast changing economy. Each year the number of people suffering from chronic diseases is raising leading to a decreased quality of life, increasing healthcare costs generating lower income and less healthy future generations.

Are you or your company suffering from low performance, feeling to loose control, presenteeism, high absenteeism, people at your salary list judged to be unable to work for years ?

Then CO-BALA are the best Catalysts for Change.


Results After Treatment




What Our Clients Are Saying


Through questionnaires before, during and after termination of our services we monitor the quality and impact of customer service experiences. So we can monitor the progress with the client. Observations and remarks we use to improve our services.

Impact on the quality of life by our customers


Our customers wrote*:

Thanks to the professional guidance of COBALA, our employee is able to work again with a lot of energy and resilience from a Burn-Out situation.

General director consultancy and project management

Under the sound and extremely detailed guidance of Carla Peeters / COBALA, my overall health, energy and state of mind have improved significantly. My young children are also accompanied by her and are in better balance and are in their own right. After a temporary impasse in the field, I have the energy to pick things up again and decided to start for myself.

Former female director EU international company

“We would like to extend our appreciation and sincere thanks to you as one of our reviewers, for making it possible for The BMJ to publish the highest quality content by providing your rigorous clinical, scientific, or methodological expertise. The contribution that you make in reviewing manuscripts is having a big impact, placing The BMJ 4th among the world's general medical journals”

Head of Research, The BMJ

* For privacy reasons names and companies are not presented

Case Studies

Inspiration For A Better Health

Europeans live longer but extra years are not always spent in good health.

Around 50 million people in the EU suffer from several chronic diseases, more than half a million people of working age die each year representing an annual cost of € 115 billion for EU economies.

Press report European commission 23 november 2016

More effective and timely healthcare

1.2 million people in EU countries died in 2013 from illnesses and injuries that might have been avoided through more effective public health and prevention policies or more timely and effective healthcare.

Report Health at a glance: Europe 2016

Cost of Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis too frequently results in harm to the patient. The yearly costs due to misdiagnosis or inefficiencies in US are estimated 750 billion USD/year.

White paper The human cost and financial impact of misdiagnosis Pineapplecare 2016

Our Goals For A Healthier World



At COBALA we are aware that we are connected and interdependent. It is our aim to generate in co-creation with our clients and shareholders a positive impact for a healthier world.

Inspiration to cocreate high value in 2018!