Antibiotics: Choose wisely!

Regularly I meet young people with eczema or acne who have been prescribed antibiotics by the doctor several times. After treatment the acne and eczema unfortunately haven’t disappeared. It returns in many cases.

It is understandable that you would rather not have acne and eczema. In addition to an itchy and painful skin acne or eczema affects confidence. Which can have negative consequences in professional and social life. In addition, severe cases of itching lead to insomnia.

What causes the eczema and acne? Recently we supported a customer with eczema and itching which occurred after a course of antibiotics after surgery. The eczema was completely gone within 2 months, by an adjustment of nutrition and use of natural oils on the skin. Normally a subsequent hormone or antibiotic ointment would have been used.

Also painful bladder infections, eye infections and ear infections occur frequently in young and old. Often a vicious circle occurs of recurring infections and a weakening of personal resilience.


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Influence of antibiotics on immunity

The long term effects of daily use of antibiotics may only be visible after several years. A recent publication by Danish researchers suggests the possible relationship between antibiotic use and an increase in diabetes type 2. Previous studies have shown that children who are exposed to antibiotics before the age of 6 months are more likely to be overweight at age seven. In a large cohort study with a macrolide antibiotic an increased risk of heart attack was found. Antibiotics may have a lasting impact through permanent changes in metabolism and sometimes permanent changes in the microbiome. This affects the immunity of the body. An increasing number of people are sensitive to drugs.

Increasing immunity

Alternatives to recover from less life-threatening infections are rarely used in regular healthcare. It can be different. At this time, for respiratory infections, which are generally of viral nature, or less dangerous skin infections, cystitis, eye and ear infections, antibiotics are prescribed. When it concerns marginal infections, it is advisable to use natural remedies without side effects such as the use of oils and nutrition tailored to the specific circumstances of the infection. It takes longer before the infection is completely gone. However, the microbiome (intestinal flora) and metabolism remain intact and the immunological defense of the body is enhanced. When the body is healthy infections and inflammations are less common. The strategy of increasing immunity naturally contributes to the maintenance of a healthy body and global health.

Excessive antibiotic use threatening for you and world health!

Last weeks published results of the European Centre for Disease Control in European Antibiotic Awareness Day and the global health challenges of antibiotic resistance show that the threat of antibiotic resistance increases every day. In America, 23.000 people die every year as a direct result of bacterial infections, reports the Centers for Disease Control. In the EU that is 25.000 people a year reports the European Centers of Disease Control. When the current frequency of antibiotic use continues it may be that in the future life threatening infections such as bacterial meningitis or septicemia can no longer be effectively treated. Also, the prophylaxis of surgery, and chemotherapy to prevent bacterial infections can be less effective so that the risk of death increases.

What will be your choice at a subsequent infection or inflammation?

COBALA Good Care Feels Better focuses on strengthening the immunological defense and recovery of balance. We assist healthcare organizations and individuals to substitute antibiotic use for less life-threatening infections and inflammations by simple and effective alternatives with a positive impact.


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