COBALA starts coaching long-term ill in organizations

COBALA starts coaching long-term ill in organizations Simple and effective method COBALA COBALA developed in collaboration with experts screening packages to boost health. The results of a screening and a medical history give insight into which nutrients are missed, and if present, blockages. Our simple and effective advice can be restore imbalance and boosts health. […]

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“TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY IT IS THE ONLY PLACE TO LIVE IN” Jim Rohn A few years ago the picture of a house that collapsed appeared to me during meditation. The picture touched me deeply. At the time I could not identify the meaning. Now years later, this was my body’s signal that it […]


Entrepreneur finally got rid of 10 years of chronic back pain and gained € 10,000 / year economic return.

Entrepreneur finally got rid of 10 years of chronic back pain and gained € 10,000 / year economic return. Recently we guided an entrepreneur with chronic back pain and an increasing number of complaints. Over the past 10 years, the entrepreneur dropped out of work for a number of days and parts of days due […]


Antibiotics: Choose wisely!

Antibiotics: Choose wisely! Regularly I meet young people with eczema or acne who have been prescribed antibiotics by the doctor several times. After treatment the acne and eczema unfortunately haven’t disappeared. It returns in many cases. It is understandable that you would rather not have acne and eczema. In addition to an itchy and painful […]

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WHERE AM I? A spiritual question or dementia?

WHERE AM I? A spiritual question or dementia? Worldwide, every four seconds a person is diagnosed with dementia. In 2030, the number of people suffering from dementia will be doubled. It is a spiritual question to find a way to prevent and cure neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia. Science meets Spirituality There are two sides […]


Liver transplants can be prevented

Liver transplants can be prevented: a case study COBALA was invited to present a case report at the symposium, about the prevention of a liver transplant in a patient suffering from a liver disorder, who had recently been screened for a liver transplant Ayurveda-based knowledge and complementary and modern medicine were combined to improve the […]

Malnutrition is underestimated in The Nederlands, WHO CARES?

Malnutrition is underestimated in the Netherlands, WHO CARES? Malnutrition in elderly people living at home                                    Recently, I visited an 87 year old single lady, who lives independently in a small village. Her memory has deteriorated and walking is becoming more difficult for her. She stays inside and gets few visitors. She is thin. Recently, home […]

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Prevention of decubitus pays off

Prevention of decubitus pays off Good and affordable healthcare is possible when medical practitioners look beyond the disorder and also focus on a better quality of life for the patient. An 88 year old woman who suffered from dementia and atrial fibrillation had a hip fracture and was operated. Given the circumstances, her condition was […]