A few years ago the picture of a house that collapsed appeared to me during meditation. The picture touched me deeply. At the time I could not identify the meaning. Now years later, this was my body’s signal that it missed the important nutrients to keep the house intact. In the years before and after this meditation, I developed more and more complaints. After a long search in the Western, Complementary and Alternative Medicine it became clear that I was missing some essential nutrients. By carefully and sensitively bringing the body back in balance now all symptoms are disappeared and the resilience of the building is back up again.



Only when your body at one day no longer works as expected attention arises. Then there is only one wish. Fortunately, recovery is often possible. Sometimes the damage is irreparable or you are faced with a chronic illness. How do you learn to create a safe and secure house for yourself?

We’ll give you five basic tips for healthy aging

  • Make at least 30 minutes of active exercise a day
  • Eat home-cooked fresh local food, preferably organic food of that season
  • Take at least 30 minutes true relaxation (time for yourself)
  • Go to bed early and get up early, sleep 7-8 hours a night
  • Limit foods that you do not need as soft drinks, alcohol and sugars, and smoking

Even when you select three of the above points you add to the construction of a safe and secure house. Also, for organizations as above applies positive impact on business performance.

We like to think along with you how you can stay simple and effectively healthy in the most natural way possible and if needed how you can restore existing complaints. Therefore, we developed the program ‘MASTER YOUR HEALTH’.

If you like more information about our program please contact us.

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